About PAW

Patterson Auto Wrecking was established in 1958. It is locally owned by Steve Hovis who purchased the business in 2003. Steve has worked at Patterson Auto for 36 years.

Patterson Auto Wrecking currently has 30+ employees to run the 60 acre salvage yard. We have over 5,000 vehicles in the yard and more coming in daily!!

We carry used auto & truck parts and a large selection of new aftermarket parts . We also have a variety of used vehicles for sale, used/new tires and recharged batteries.

We make buying used parts as simple as possible! Once we have purchased a vehicle they are professionally dismantled by our staff and looked over for any defects, then given a stock number and inventoried into our computer system. The parts are tagged and stored in the warehouse. If we do not have the part you are looking for in stock we will find one for you.

Patterson Auto Wrecking has a very knowledgeable sales staff to help you get the right part for your vehicle. We also have a PennDot licensed agent on site Monday through Friday.



  • We are a “Salvage” yard, not a junk yard. We take time to pull the correct parts for you the first time.  We are not a U-Pull-It yard.
  • Please have you VIN (vehicle identification number) ready when you call. This will answer all the questions we may have on your vehicle and insure that you get the correct part the first time.
  • We take the time to carefully pull your parts, so you may have a wait time before your part will be available for pick up, delivery or shipping.
  • Doors do not come with trim panels, mirrors or switches. These are sold separately and can be switched over from your vehicle.
  • We do ask that you prepay for items before we remove them from the vehicle. If the part does not meet your satisfaction we will gladly pull another one for you or give you a FULL refund.
  • We send you a text message as soon as your part is ready, this alleviates you having to call in and track it.
  • Please be patient when you call in as we try and give every customer personal service for all their automotive needs. We also answer all emails if you would like to do that.
  • Speaker phones are convenient but they are very hard for us to hear you clearly on, if possible try not to use them. If you do need to please be patient if we have you repeat things back to us so that we get it right.
  • Please remember you are buying a used part, so there will be some wear on the item you are getting. We do try and tell you what wear or if any damage is on the item you are requesting.  If you would like we can order most parts new also.  Just let us know which way you would like to go.

We are dedicated professionals who truly care about quality and delivering the safest and best products possible!

The ARAPro brand is the body shop and consumer’s assurance that the OEM non-deployed airbag module they are buying meets the standards required by the ARA Protocol. Each ARAPro airbag module is:

  • Inspected by a trained and certified technician
  • Delivered with a Certificate of Inspection
  • Backed by a complete data record of each unit, including VIN of source vehicle, inspection and recall results, part and serial numbers
  • Checked against the current government recall list for non-conforming airbags
  • Shipped and transported in full compliance with DOT regulation

What does the Certified Automotive Recyclers seal mean to you?

This facility cares for the environment by:

  • Recycling waste oil and antifreeze
  • Recovering CFC’s from air conditioning systems
  • Properly disposing of all other automotive fluids

This facility cares about you, the customer, by:

  • Providing a clean, pleasant reception area
  • Practicing the highest standards for customer safety
  • Being a good neighbor in our community

This facility cares about its employees by:

  • Providing a safe working environment
  • Adhering to all fire and health ordinances

Thank You for Letting Us Serve You

You are doing business with a professional automotive recycler that is committed to being the very best.